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YIT Casa Grande

The land of the horse, sherry and birthplace of flamenco invites you to discover a corner of Andalusia with tradition and culture. Come taste the best gastronomy, the most aromatic wines and the most amazing shows.
The Alcázar
The Alcázar of Jerez, declared a Historic Artistic Monument by the UNESCO, is one of the few Almohad buildings that are preserved in the Iberian Peninsula. It is part of a defensive fortress made up of walls, towers and doors dating from the 12th century, although it was extended and reformed in later times, until the 18th century.
Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Ecuestre
If you have the chance, come take a show and enjoy the spectacle of the dancing Jerezian horse. "How Andalusian horses dance " is a show that combines dressage numbers in classic style with traditional Spanish music and costumes in the style of the 18th century.
Plaza del Arenal and Calle Larga
Many of the main restaurants, bars and shops in the city are located on Calle Larga, a pedestrian street boasts a lively atmosphere throughout the year. This street will take us to the Plaza del Arenal, the city, which owes its name to its former use as arena for fights, battles and clashes between knights.