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Cádiz is perhaps the most complete destination in Andalusia, and it is a great place to visit throughout the year. You will be able to see white villages, impressive beaches and natural landscapes that will leave you speechless during any season of the year. The province has a wonderful climate that allows you to enjoy a trip through the beautiful towns of Cádiz throughout the year. If you like wild beaches as much as we do, this is definitely your place! We have prepared a guide with 10 great things to see in Cádiz and plans to enjoy the province.

What to see in Cádiz province on your next holiday

Cádiz has a lot to offer: from the beautiful white villages of the interior, to the coast and the countryside. We have put together some essential plans if you want to get to know the province.

Visit a winery

If you are looking for a wine tourism fantasy, Cádiz is it. This land is the cradle of the most famous and international Spanish wines and brandies, this historic wine region is much more than a reference for wine lovers. Its immense cultural heritage, the legacy of the many peoples who have left their mark over the centuries, together with its exceptional climate and beauty, make it a world-famous tourist attraction.

The historic centre of Cádiz and the Constitución route

Are you wondering what to see in Cádiz? Well, there's a lot to choose from.

Cádiz was founded by the Phoenician people around the year 1,100 BC. and offers numerous attractions for tourists -cultural, natural and gastronomic visits-, all accompanied by an enviable climate. There are many things to do in Cádiz, but walking around it is by far the best way to experience all its charm. The route through the historic centre of Cádiz involves getting to know the key points of the city, such as the Abastos Market, Flowers Square or San Antonio Square. Of course, we cannot leave aside a visit to the place occupied by the Courts of Cádiz and all the points of the route of the Constitution, key in the War of Independence, or the Phoenician and Roman past of the city.

Route of the white villages

Imagine a road trip through picturesque villages of whitewashed houses and narrow streets. That is what awaits you on the route of the White Towns of Cádiz, which runs through 19 different municipalities. Towns were built on top of hills, and their fortifications were designed to protect their inhabitants from enemy attacks. The narrow streets wind up steep hillsides, giving way to magnificent views of the nearby mountains and beaches. Although the towns are known for their white houses, they also have colourful facades thanks to the flower pots that decorate the exteriors.

Surfing in Tarifa

Tarifa is a small city in the south of Spain, with a population of about 15,000 inhabitants. It is known for its beaches and dunes, which are often considered an exclusive paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers. But there are also perfect spots for surfing, as well as restaurants, cafés, bars and shops. A different plan if you are looking for what to see in Cádiz outside the known itineraries.

Let yourself be surprised by the Dune of Bologna

Climbing the dune of Bologna is a great way to release adrenaline and enjoy a beautiful view of the beach. It can be done at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. The landscape seen from the top will be very different depending on the time you choose to go. The easiest way to get there is by car, with one exception: in July and August, when the car parks are full, and it is difficult to find a place close enough to go down to the beach. If you are going in those months, we recommend that you take public transport or go by bicycle (if you are fit).

Get to know the Cádiz Mountains

Cádiz Mountains is a place of singular beauty, synonymous with the White Towns Route and wild landscapes. With its beautiful nature, its monuments that take us back to the Arab era and its exquisite cuisine, it is difficult to choose where to start the route. Within this region, there are many towns whose white houses and narrow streets make up one of the most beautiful landscapes in Andalusia. The route includes places like Arcos de la Frontera, Bornos, Algodonales, Olvera, Setenil de las Bodegas, Alcalá del Valle, Prado del Rey, El Bosque, Ubrique, Grazalema, Benamahoma, Zahara de la Sierra…

Taste the gastronomy of Cadiz

The cuisine of Cádiz is a mixture of flavours and traditions, thanks to its geography. Being located in the heart of the Grazalema Mountains Natural Park, surrounded by mountains and with the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean just outside the city, there is plenty of variety in the food served here. Cadiz's cuisine has three different areas: the sea, the countryside and the mountains. The cuisine of Cádiz Mountains has more variety of meat dishes in general, cheeses and sausages. Seafood is much more abundant in our coastal cuisine: fish dishes such as sardines fried in olive oil are popular. And there are also many stews made with shellfish such as clams or mussels. In our country cuisine (that is, meats from farms and orchards) meats in La Janda or rural Jerez stand out.

Discover the tabancos of Jerez

The tabanco is a typical Jerez tavern where, in addition to being able to taste the wine, you can buy it in bulk directly from the barrel. They started out as a wine dispensing business. All tabancos have their own history that has been impregnated in their walls. It evokes the old, the tradition, the Jerez generations who enjoyed a generous wine served in the, now worldwide, wine tasting rooms.

See Doñana from Sanlúcar

Doñana is one of the most important natural habitats in Europe. You can discover all its ecosystems in an off-road vehicle, from the dunes to the marshes, as well as its impressive beaches. You can also sail from Bajo de Guía to Doñana in a traditional barge, and cross the Guadalquivir River to return to Sanlúcar.

Getting lost in Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María is a beautiful city and a great place to spend the day if you are looking for what to see in the province of Cádiz. It's small enough that you can get around in a couple of hours, but big enough that there's plenty to see and do. You will find charming restaurants and cafés, an impressive old wall and many other things to keep you busy. We recommend that you start your day in the town square, where you can get your bearings and enjoy the local flavour before hitting the streets. The walled city has several gates leading to the countryside, so you can explore all of them if you wish. If you're lucky, you might see some local farmers selling their produce at one of these gates.

Where to stay in Cadiz?

As we have mentioned, the province of Cádiz has much to offer to travellers. The ideal way to make the most of your stay is to take a well-connected location as a base for rest, less than an hour from each of the plans. The perfect example, YIT Casa Grande Hotel. We are in Jerez de la Frontera, in the heart of the Cadiz province and the main points of tourist interest. 

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