Flamenco and Jerez are elements of the same culture. Discover here the best flamenco tablaos!
The history of flamenco in Jerez de la Frontera is very long, despite the fact that shows of this art were restricted to family celebrations or improvised performances in taverns and singing cafes at the beginning of the 20th-century. It is from the 60s when flamenco reaches its peak as a universal art, and Andalusia stands as a reference region, especially Cádiz and Seville. These flamenco tablaos, substitutes for the old singing cafes, serve as a springboard to publicize the great figures of the world of flamenco, such as Lola Flores, born in Jerez, Enrique Morente, Manolo Caracol, the unforgettable Paco de Lucia, as an interpreter of the art of flamenco with the guitar, La Niña de los Peines considered the best flamenco singer in history, among others who have already died.

Nowadays, flamenco artists and groups such as Niña Pastori, Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda, Vicente Amigo, Carmen Linares, Marina Heredia, among many others, stand out. The flamenco tablaos are part of the history of Jerez and are currently key places to visit. In them you can enjoy the purest and most authentic flamenco art, in an intimate atmosphere and being close to the artist who interprets song with deep feeling and passion. In 2010 flamenco art was considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

List of the best flamenco tablaos in Jerez

In Jerez de la Frontera you can enjoy flamenco singing and dancing in its most diverse versions. Unique shows in which dance, singing and guitar music are intertwined to envelop the visitor in the essence of flamenco, with renowned artists in the world of all forms that occur in flamenco art.

Peña Flamenca La Bulería

In C/ Empedrada, 20 it is famous for its flamenco singing and dancing shows and theatrical performances. In the neighbourhood of S. Miguel de Jerez, it is a must-see place to visit, with free admission, a pleasant atmosphere, good food, good drinks and excellent flamenco.

Tablao Flamenco Pure Art

A place in C/ Madre de Dios, 10 to taste the most traditional and highest quality Andalusian products, while enjoying the sound of guitars and clapping of flamenco singing and dancing.

Flamenco Show La Bailaora Jerez

Specialized in tablao flamenco shows, a cosy place in C/ Porvenir, 1, local 2. They also arrange corporate events, theme parties and other celebrations with a flamenco atmosphere.

The Angel's Lair

A spacious bar, with charm and flamenco charm to savoir the rich Sherry wines accompanied by good tapas, and enjoy its good flamenco atmosphere in C/ Porvenir number 1.

Tabanco to the Fair

In C/ Armas, 5, it is a bar to taste delicious Andalusian tapas that accompany some good wines, while enjoying excellent live flamenco music.

Nestled in the old town of Jerez and not far from Hotel YIT Casa Grande, there are also establishments dedicated to the art and performance of the purest and most deeply rooted Andalusian flamenco: Tabanco La Bodeguilla at C/ Zarza 4, local 1, Tabanco El Pasaje at C/ Sta María 8, Peña Flamenca Tío José de Paula at C/ Merced 13, Peña Flamenca Los Cernícalos at C/ Sancho Vizcaíno, 25.

YIT Casa Grande Hotel, ideal to enjoy Flamenco in Jerez

It is located in the heart of the old town of Jerez, in Las Angustias 3 Square. Its façade stands out for its size of a stately home with two floors, large latticed windows in the most typical Andalusian style.

Inside, it has a wide variety of comfortable rooms and the services that today's travellers need, a bar-restaurant, a library and terraces where you can rest from the hustle and bustle and relax. Its excellent location allows visitors to take a walking tour of the cultural route of Jerez, or enjoy its wines and brandies in its famous wineries, such as Tío Pepe.

Also, at different times you can enjoy flamenco singing and dancing in the numerous establishments dedicated to this flamenco art in Jerez, while tasting tapas and typical menus of the place and with the highest quality. In addition, remember that if you book directly on the hotel’s website, you will benefit from our discounts.


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